About Us

Park Place Foundation was formed to promote and embrace a healthy lifestyle for our children and teens as they embark into their journey toward adulthood. We strive to make changes in how we perceive and treat addiction and mental illness through education, increased awareness and sharing the personal stories of peers who have fallen victim to this disease that is riddled by shame, isolation, loneliness and a sense of failure.

We believe that by joining together for this cause we can bring forth a message of hope and healing. Please join us in our "Clean is Cool" campaign.

The Scarlett's Jumper Derby, held in San Juan Capistrano by Blenheim EquiSports, is one of the area events that benefits the Park Place Foundation. Now in its second year, Scarlett's Derby brings attention to some of the stories behind our mission. Please scroll down to read some of the featured stories:

Scarlett's Story   |   James' Story   |   Francie's Story

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The children participating in the Park Place Foundation program are generally ages eight through 18 and come from a variety of institutions, organizations and social service agencies. These organizations include Children's Hospital of Orange County, Orangewood Children's Home, Operation Jump Start, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Orange County Boys and Girls Clubs, Touch Stones and Illumination Foundation. As the program grows, we expect additional groups to participate.